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  • Lisa McMichael

Be Set Free Fast

Would you like to have limiting beliefs dissolve, sabotaging behavior disappear, and feel you are fulfilling your potential?

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) is an exciting method of energy psychology designed to free one from negative beliefs and behaviors that can create discomfort, impair relationships, keep one from reaching goals, and limit the ability to feel fully engaged in life.

BSFF works with the unconscious mind to dissolve limiting beliefs. Our beliefs form the basis of our actions or inactions. When we have limiting and negative beliefs about our self, our behavior will spring from those beliefs. For example, if we believe we don’t deserve to be treated well, we will accept mistreatment from others.

In April I will be training with the founder of BSSF, Larry Nims, in Phoenix, Arizona. The purpose of the training is to develop proficiency with BSFF and become a BSFF trainer.

Watch for more details on this exciting method! It is a fast, effective, healing modality that promotes rapid change.

We deserve to be set free from anything that binds us.

I’ll be posting more on this amazing healing tool.

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