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Power Psychotherapies 

I use the term power psychotherapies to refer to a set of psychological interventions that greatly enhance and facilitate the processing of disturbing emotions and memories. From stored negative memories arise negative belief sets which greatly impact our thinking and behavior. Resolution of disturbing memories dissolves negative beliefs, which are then replaced with positive, healthy beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. When there is a foundation of healthy belief sets, we are able to strive for healthy relationships, positive social networks, and life fulfillment.


In my work as a psychologist, I was frustrated with the lack of progress clients experienced when processing disturbing and/or traumatic memories. I could help the client cope with the symptoms, but I was not satisfied with merely coping. I wanted to help clients free themselves from the entrapment of their symptomology and feel empowered to lead a richer, more fulfilling life.    

I strongly recommend utilizing what I term “power therapies” to address unresolved negative experiences. The amazing efficacy of these therapies is thought to be due to the ability to quell and reduce activation of the limbic system, allowing it to reset to “off”, finally restoring the system to a “safe” state.



EMDR is a psychological technique that involves combining bi-lateral stimulation (such as eye movements, or holding alternating, gentle, pulsing “tappers” in your hand) while focusing on disturbing memories.


Today more than 20 scientifically controlled studies of EMDR

have proven its effectiveness in the treatment of traumatic and other disturbing life experiences. --Francine Shapiro


EMDR desensitizes the trauma, reduces arousal, and helps one to cognitively form the implicit memory into explicit memory. Adaptive, positive beliefs are strengthened, replacing negative belief sets. I am a certified EMDR therapist and I have found EMDR to be very effective in dissolving trauma.


Energy Psychology


Energy Psychology is a set of integrative psychotherapy approaches that has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and works by stimulating the human energy system. There are many forms of energy psychology, with EFT or emotional freedom technique perhaps being the most well known. Energy psychology appears to also impact the limbic system and allow for effective resolution of trauma and psychological disturbances.

I have been trained in several energy psychology techniques and am certified as an energy practitioner (Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology) from the association of comprehensive energy psychology. I utilize Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), and am being trained in Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) by the founder of the method, Larry Nims.


I recommend the above therapies in dealing with any disturbance that blocks one’s potential. Dissolving underlying negative experiences and belief sets is superior to trying to manage symptoms for a lifetime. Power therapies have the capacity to allow one to retain the wisdom learned from trials while dissolving the negative aspects of disturbing memories. Everyone deserves to be freed from disabling belief sets, sabotaging behavior, and trauma triggers. When disturbance from the past is healed, we can live more fully, love more freely, and give more generously.  


As you embrace your deepest nature, the energies of

your being shine forth into your body, your mind, and

your world. --Donna Eden                   

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